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    travel couple at park guell in barcelona spain taking in the view


    I asked myself this on the night of May 4th, as we were checking our bags for the 1,000th time to make sure we didn’t forget anything.

    And again the next day as we sat in our home airport, drinking our pre-flight ritual North Carolina craft beers, waiting to go to Boston.

    And AGAIN when we finally made it to Boston, through the one horrific northeastern rain storm and turbulence coupled with a landing that made you question your life choices up until that exact moment in time.

    And AGAIN when waiting in Boston Logan to board our flight to Europe.

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    A Million Reasons to Honeymoon at Cocobay Resort in Antigua!

    girl looking out on antigua ocean

    This is a post I’ve been meaning and wanting to write for so long.

    Like, almost two years long.

    But, I needed to think. I needed to reflect. I needed to do this one right.

    Because there’s a romantic little resort in Antigua that holds a special piece of my heart because it’s where we spent a week together for our honeymoon. It kicked off our life together and especially our life of travel as we returned from our trip bitten by the bug and thirsty for more. I’m writing this nearly two years later because I needed to do this incredible resort justice!

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    I Believe in Nashville

    airport selfie at raleigh durham international

    Country music aficionados, bachelorette parties, and aspiring musicians UNITE!!!!! I come to you reporting live the sounds, drinks, foods, and vibes of Nashville, Tennessee!

    I’m going to be totally transparent and tell you guys that Nashville was never really on my radar. Despite growing up in the south, country music just really isn’t my thing. I know, I know. But C had a business trip planned in the music city, and I am one to ABSOLUTELY take any travel opportunity that comes my way. So after switching a few shifts at the hospital with some very sweet coworkers, I was free to tag along for the ride!

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