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I wrote this bucket list in 2013 to and for myself, revised again and again as the years went on, in no particular order:

1. Travel. Everywhere.  E V E R Y W H E R E.

2. Medical mission to a different country

3. Overcome my fear of snakes

4. Take a yoga class on a beach

5. Take a picture with an elephant

6. Learn and master a new skill

7. Go skydiving (Still trying to work up the courage, Dad!)

8. Be at my peak physical performance


10. Catch a firefly

11. Live in several different places.

12. Have a Bible bleed with ink and falling apart at the pages from annotations and reading

13. Swing on the edge of the world at the Casa del Arbol in Ecuador.

14. Fly first class on Emirates or (AND???? :D) Cathay Pacific

15. Become comfortable with public speaking

16. Influence people in positive ways

17. 🙂

18. Teach little girls to dance

19. Donate money to an animal shelter every year

20. Go hiking

21. Thai food

22. Write letters often

23. Get a puppy [again]

24. Learn to ballroom dance

25. Keep my car clean for a month

26. Give yoga a fair shot (best decision, i reccomend you do the same! namaste!)

27. Make up a dish from scratch and have it actually be edible

28. Own an LV

29. Earn enough to live comfortably

30. Finish a knitting project.

31. Take a photo a day for 365 days with the Nikon

32. See the NYC Ballet perform

33. Go to NYC

34. Bake cookies and give them to the neighbors

35. Plant beautiful flowers

36. See a broadway show

37. Go paddle boarding

38. Learn to surf

39. Find an intact conch shell

40. Help someone going through a tough time

41. Christmas pajamas

42. Get another piercing (lol sorry mom)

43. Go without makeup for three weeks

44. Think about a natural birth (but probably be too scared to actually do it)

45. Teach my cat a trick (LOL NEVER CROSSING THIS OFF)

46. See the Alps

47. Eat a Cronut in New York

48. See the Heat Cavaliers play in person (See what I did there, Cody?)

49. Coffee shop

50. Wear flowers in my hair and actually pull it off

51. Make a piece of jewelry

52. Buy a car

53. Happy hour on a rooftop bar in NYC

54. Appreciate shortcomings

55. Become a “regular” at a restaurant

56. Have an exposed brick wall

57. Fufill my 5 year plan

58. Go to graduate school

59. Vancouver!

60. Grow my hair out and chop it off for Locks of Love

61. Eat Quinoa regularly

62. Paint a mural

63. Travel with my best friends <3

64. Win on a lottery ticket


66. Use Christmas lights as decor all year around (this was accomplished out of laziness but i’m totally counting it :D)

67. Make a toast

68. Make a personal piece with a family jeweler

69. Run a half marathon

70. Speak a second language fluently (does sarcasm count?)

71. Own a blue stethoscope

72. Hike Machu Picchu

73. Touch a (non-venomous) snake

74.I want my babies and my best friends babies to also be best friends 😀

75. Fall head over heels in love with a church

76. Make friends

77. Make cool stuff with a kitchen-aid mixer!

78. Pub hop in Ireland

79. Flash a 5.12.

80. Vietnam

81. Live a few different places in my life

82. Spend a weekend in Las Vegas, just to say I went

83. See the Irish countryside-(totally inspired from PS I Love You)

84. Make a pizza from scratch

85. See Angkor Wat at sunrise

86. Spend a few days touring vineyards in Mendoza

87. Go back to Cocobay


89. Take a gondola ride in Venice

90. Make a scrapbook








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