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Top Travels of 2017!

A New Year has snuck up on us once again. Somehow, quickly and quietly, the years seem to go faster and faster the older I get. I don’t know if this is mainly attributed to age or wine.

2017 has been a WHIRLWIND for this wanderer, for many reasons. But the highlights are ALWAYS my trips and from the east coast to the west coast to the coasts of other countries and every bag of airport cheez-its in between (why are they ALWAYS my go to???), I’m recounting the moments that made my world go ’round!

Day Trip to Hanging Rock State Park in Danbury, NC

hanging rock state park in danbury north carolina

Even though this one was just a day trip, it was totally note-worthy! We drove from Raleigh to Danbury with our best friends who were visiting for the weekend for a (rather strenuous) 1.3 mile hike to this beautiful overlook! While western North Carolina is usually more notable for its mountainous hikes, you can find Hanging Rock State Park in central NC.

As always, what white girl would be caught dead on top of a rock without a flannel on??!!?!!111 Naturally, we followed suit to avoid any awkward fashion faux-pas!!!

But rly tho, the hike offers beautiful views for not a terrible amount of work (something I can always get behind), a few waterfalls, and fun times were had by all. Also, it’s almost equidistant between Raleigh and Charlotte–you can get there in just under two hours from either city!

Added bonus of our favorite child being smothered by our favorite people during the same weekend. (jkjk we don’t have a favorite child SORRYYYY to our other two furbabes)

Sightseeing, Eating, & Drinking in Nashville, TN!

As I’ve said before, Nashville has never really been on my radar. Like, at all. As someone who is just not thaaaaat into country music, it just seemed a little too honky-tonky and artfully crafted for bachelorettes parties nationwide.

But I was mistaken. So, sooooo terribly mistaken. Nashville, I take back everything that I said. EVERYTHING!!

acme feed and seed in nashville tn

History, music of ALL kinds, amazing food and drinks, and a culture like no other can be found here. And I WAS SO THERE FOR IT. FOR IT ALL. For two days straight, we drank in all that Nashville had to offer. And I can’t wait to go back!

broadway street in nashville, tennessee

A Short, But Sweet, 24 Hours in Barcelona, Spain

travel couple at park guell in barcelona spain taking in the view

To kick off the most amazing and blissful two weeks of my life (and BEST trip we managed to pull off without a hitch thus far!), we spent 24 hours packing in the best of Barca before leaving on a mediterranean cruise. It was definitely so sweet, but soooo short, and we can’t wait to go back!

Capri by Land & Sea!

We spent a day in Capri, Italy while on our mediterranean cruise back in May. Out of all of the places we visited during that week, Capri blew our freakin’ minds. Truly one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places. A mix of mountains & sea. All the pasta for days. The NICEST people you’ll ever meet. Just perfect.

The Slea Head Drive on the Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland

Ireland is wonderland. Period. The only other place that could maybeeeee counter that would be Iceland, but as we have yet (!!) to travel there other than a quick layover, Ireland is #1. Allllll the nature and views. One of Ireland’s best kept secrets, the little town of Dingle, is found right off the Wild Atlantic Way, a scenic highway in southern Ireland. Off of that is the Slea Head Drive, possibly one of the most beautiful scenic routes in the entire world and definitely of my 2017 list!

dingle ireland wild atlantic way slea head drive

slead head drive wild atlantic way ireland

4 Days Well Spent in San Francisco, California

If you have yet to visit San Francisco, I HIGHLY recommend it. And if you’ve never visited with your best friend, highly recommend that as well. Except not mine. She’s mine and I’m possessive LOLOLololjkjknoactuallyyes.

As mentioned, there are so many beautiful places & spaces here, and SO many places to see the bridge! We got to sight see this iconic bridge from the Slacker Hill Trail as well as Crissy Field.

golden gate bridge in the fog

AND we got to live out all of our 90’s dreams by seeing the Full House house!

AND we also got front row rooftop seats to the California sunset sharing a bottle of rosé…the PERFECT date cherry on a perfect trip!

Christmas Time in the City

….Well, just because we can never seem to stay away from New York for very long!

I’m LOVING looking back at all the beautiful and unique parts of the world I’ve gotten to see this year, alongside my tribe and I’m looking forward to where the next year will take us!



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