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A Million Reasons to Honeymoon at Cocobay Resort in Antigua!

girl looking out on antigua ocean

This is a post I’ve been meaning and wanting to write for so long.

Like, almost two years long.

But, I needed to think. I needed to reflect. I needed to do this one right.

Because there’s a romantic little resort in Antigua that holds a special piece of my heart because it’s where we spent a week together for our honeymoon. It kicked off our life together and especially our life of travel as we returned from our trip bitten by the bug and thirsty for more. I’m writing this nearly two years later because I needed to do this incredible resort justice!

We are well traveled in the caribbean and have a particular love for the southern islands. But when it came to our honeymoon, we wanted to do something special. We chose an island that we hadn’t been to before! We met a couple on a previous trip to the Bahamas who were well traveled, and when asked where their favorite place was, they RAVED about Antigua…so it was stuck in our heads ever since!

So we had our destination, but where would we stay? We scoured the internet for something that sounded appealing. (When I say “we,” I mostly mean C…he’s got a love for finding accommodations, excursions, and creating our trips!) We read review after review of lots of places in Antigua….and then, we found perfection. We found Cocobay Resort.

Alright, so before we even talk about Cocobay, we’ve got to get to Antigua! Antigua is a beautiful island in the West Indies of the southern caribbean. Hop on a flight to ANU airport and take a short drive into the island and you’ll find the resort!

Arriving into Cocobay is like something out of a dream. It’s quite literally, tropical paradise. Lush greenery and flowers light the way to your check in, and the sun almost seems like it’s smiling. I’ve never seen anything quite like it!


When you check in, you’re greeted with rum punch, and this will most likely not be the last of your stay as it is absolutely delicious!

Next, it’s time to make your way to your home for the trip! Cocobay has a little over 50 cottages to choose from for your stay. There are a few tiers separating them as far as views and addition of a plunge pool, and we sprung for the Premium Waterfront Cottage. You only have one honeymoon, right? 😉

I can’t even begin to tell you how incredible our little love shack for the week was.

Each cottage is painted with light caribbean pastels–our cottage, The Conch, sported a bright and happy pink!

One extremely comfy (ie lie down for five seconds and you fall asleep for approximately 2 hours) king sized bed complete with a canopy looked out onto the sea!

champagne welcome to cocobay resort in antigua

After a dreamy day celebrating our love with friends and family, we were finally in paradise–and there was champagne waiting for us as we walked in our cottage. This was already the sweetest day!

Each Premium Waterfront cottage includes an infinity plunge pool attached to the balcony. And I must say, if you’ve got the opportunity–GO FOR IT. Many days were spent just hanging out by our own little pool with breathtaking views of the sea! It truly took the whole experience to the next level.

Oh, and if all of the above wasn’t enticing enough? Have you ever looked out onto the ocean while sitting in the bathtub? Because I have. And yes. It’s definitely the definition of heaven!

Needless to say, we settled into our accommodations here very quickly.

Don’t think you’ll get enough use out of the plunge pool to commit to it, but still looking for all of your swimming and poolside tanning needs? Cocobay’s got you covered with two large infinity pools and a community plunge pool complete with an adjacent daybed!

So, why should you honeymoon here? Okay, first of all, waking up to this:

But also, walking around the resort together is just as romantic in itself because…

…everything about this place makes your heart happy.

And you pinch yourself about a thousand times because you MUST be dreaming.

But then you remember this IS real, and it’s time for more champagne–because you’re still celebrating!

So let’s talk about this bar situation. Cocobay is an all-inclusive, which is PERFECT for the traveller who just got married and after an emotional whirlwind of a weekend and weeks upon weeks of planning, is ready for some serious R ‘n’ R. And this is the place to do it. Not only is the bar gorgeous with views overlooking the ocean, the drinks are delicious. Open air and adorned with caribbean accents, you’ve got two bars on site serving up your old favorites and some new players every day! Spring for the Pina Coladas and the Rum Punch–my personal favorite! (Cocobay, if you’re reading I’m STILL hooked on Rum Punch to this day because of you guys!!!)

And, you’ve gotta eat, right? Again, all inclusive. Not a thing for you to have to worry about planning for here–ESPECIALLY food. Breakfast and lunch are served buffet style with different choices everyday–but as far as breakfast is concerned, I have one word for you: omelettes. You will want to eat nothing but these beautiful, delicious made to order omelettes allllllll week.

Can’t beat these lunch views, yes?

Dinners are sit down, three course, and have different options every night! And I will just go ahead and preface this by saying you CANNOT go wrong with anything. ANYTHING. We pride ourselves on the foodies that we are and I can say that every dinner we had was without a doubt, nothing short of amazing.

Apps & dessert made the photo album, but dinners were tooooo delicious to photograph! Guess you’ll have to go see for yourself! 🙂 

Looking to mix it up or for an afternoon snack? There’s also a panini/sandwich bar at lunchtime into the early afternoon! And for you Brits out there who are here on holiday, you’ll find afternoon tea complete with some REALLY good finger sandwiches. It is pertinent that you partake in both of these. Because it’s all sooooo good. And partly because if you eat as much as I did, I’ll feel a little better about it. 🙂

There’s sweet little stops all over the resort for you to relax…

…and beauty is found anywhere and everywhere.


And with so many beautiful backdrops, you won’t be able to stop doing this! (As a newlywed, this is another one of those pinch me, I’m dreaming moments!)

And I don’t know about you…

But I simply can’t think of a more beautiful place to spend the first week as a Mr. & Mrs.!

I can show you a ton of beautiful pictures of Cocobay. And I have A TON of beautiful pictures. I can tell you how beautiful, tranquil, and out of this world it was. I could tell you it has to be one of the most romantic and scenic resorts in the world. I could tell you how we woke naturally to the sunrise each morning and could hear the palms swaying lazily in the wind outside of our cottage as we fell asleep at night. I could tell you how amazing and accommodating each and every staff member we met was, and how they truly made our stay special. And I’m more than happy to do so!

But hearing about it is nothing like seeing Cocobay for yourself! If you’re planning and considering a honeymoon destination, I beg you to put this one on your list! It’s an experience you will never, ever forget.

And as always, Happy Travelling!!

Cocobay: Website // Facebook // Instagram

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