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Oceanside Tapas in Antigua

This time of the year is always a little uneventful and leaves me with few things to write about. Still recovering from Christmas expenses, dreary cold or unseasonably warm weather seems to ebb and flow weekly. Anticipating trips we have planned that are just too far out to get super excited about. Bleh.

In a valiant effort to wish warmer temperatures along their way, and to backtrack blog from our time in the Carribbean last June, I bring you a culinary experience like no other, Sheer Rocks in Antigua!

We first learned of Sheer Rocks while on our honeymoon in Antigua in May of 2015. We were staying at Cocobay Resort (a whole other incredible experience in itself that will warrant its own post), and the restaurant sits adjunct to the resort, sharing the same beach. We were never able to get over there to try it, so when we booked a southern Carribbean cruise last June that ported in Antigua, we knew EXACTLY where we wanted to spend the day!

Making a reservation ahead of time is a very good idea, especially when coming off the cruise and knowing the specific times you’ll be in the area. So we were to be seated at 1PM. We got there a little early so we headed straight to the bar to wait it out. First and foremost, if tropical drinks are your thing, you are in the RIGHT place. Behold: this Pina Colada. It was by far the creamiest, sweet without being too sweet, with the right amount of rum tang PC I’ve ever had. (And if we’re being transparent, I’ve had quite a few in my day!) The bar at Sheer Rocks overlooks the ocean (well, the entire restaurant does) and we had the perfect view!

Sheer Rocks is 100% outdoors with tables quite literally overlooking the rocks and ocean, with sheer curtains separating you from the water’s edge. Greenery is everywhere. We went on a very cloudy day, but you can still see just how breath taking your lunch could be!

(Menu priced in Eastern Caribbean dollars)

So, let’s breakdown the food situation. In short, this meal slayed my life. All of the lunch items are tapas (small plates), so this is the perfect place to come if you love to taste a little bit of everything! They offer plates featuring seafood raw and cooked, meats, vegetarian plates, fried foods, and sweets. And I am not exaggerating when I say EVERYTHING is incredible. We chose to get a bunch of different plates which offered so many different and diverse flavors.

sheer rocks tapas in antigua

From left to right: chicken croquettes w/ truffle mayo, crispy calamari, tuna tartare, wahoo sashimi, conch & fennel. in the mason jar: truffle mac n’ cheese

Have I sold you yet? Still not quite sure? BUT WAIT…..THERE’S MORE.

After lunch if you’re still wanting to hang out, take in the view, and relax, Sheer Rocks has just the spot to do that!

YES FOLKS. That’s a plunge pool and day bed AT A RESTAURANT. Jaw on the floor? Mine was. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

These are all for the use of restaurant guests. You are able to reserve a day bed and plunge pool while you’re at the restaurant when you make your reservation. We did just that! Oh! Perhaps I failed to mention the bar services this area too? 😉

This little corner of the earth is an absolute dreamboat and I just wish I had photos from a sunnier day to show you just how spectacular it can be! The food offers flavors you’ll never forget and is truly one of the best culinary experiences I’ve had! If you’re in Antigua, you can find this little gem at Cocobay Resort. Or, if you go to Ffrye’s Beach, it’s just a short walk up the road. It came at the perfect time for us as our previous two days had been spent doing more rugged and involved activities on other islands, this day of relaxation was just…good for the soul.

PS: A snap of the beach from our honeymoon just to give you an idea of the beauty in a sunnier setting! 🙂

**I do want to note, as you can probably tell Sheer Rocks is a little bit on the luxury side of my travel tastes. If tapas isn’t your thing, you might want to pick something else as far as lunch. If delicious drinks and amazing views are still your thing, head here for a few afterwards! 🙂


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