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A Day In St. Lucia!

It’s finally cooling off here in the south east, but allllll I wanna think about is warmer spaces and places. So, I’ll reside to live vicariously through myself and write about such dreamy destinations. Up next in chronicling our time in the southern caribbean back in June…St. Lucia, West Indies!

For this day, we wanted to find a tour that would give us a good, authentic experience of the island, and that is difficult to find. Many people find the carribbean to be commercial and americanized for the tourism aspect, and some tours are. And that’s totally fine, as your travel should be exactly what you want to do! But it makes it hard to find a really organic  and well-rounded experience that’s not just catered towards tourist’s idea of an island.

We found exactly what we were looking for in Spencer Ambrose Tours. Their specialty is an all day tour of the island with waterfalls, snorkeling, bat caves, food & drinks, boating, a volcano, the iconic Pitons, and everything in between! The really great thing about this if you’re visiting via a cruise ship, the dock to board the boat to being your tour is a short walk down the road. Let the pictures prove, this really was the best. day. EVER!

You’ll begin the day by boat cruising St. Lucian water, and pulling right up to a crater in the side of the rock that tons of bats call home.


Then, you’ll hop off the boat and into a bus to continue your tour via land!

You’ll find yourself winding up and up the mountains in a bus and right up to….

A volcano!

Sulphur Springs is considered the only drive-up volcano in the world! And while very cool to see, as the name might tell you, it is a bit stinky. It’s all in the adventure though :). On this tour, you can either choose to see the volcano, or take a dip in the mud bath also located in the area. As we were early in the day, we skipped the mud–but heard positive reviews from those that went!

Another cool thing we got to experience in Sulphur Springs was the cashew trees–did you know that one cashew fruit produces one cashew nut? No wonder cashews are so expensive! The fruit is sweet and tastes similar to an apple!

Next up on the land portion of the tour is a short drive to the Toraille Waterfall- both beautiful and refreshing!

Everything, and I do mean everything in St. Lucia is disgustingly beautiful. When you think of tropical paradise, you are absolutely thinking of St. Lucia!

On leaving the waterfall, our guide spotted some fruit trees on the side of the road and rummaged around in the bus for a second, produced a machete, and cut them down for us, served on a leaf! On the left you see the greatest mangoes I have ever eaten. On the right is a fruit called Soursop, native to Cuba, Mexico, and a few Southern carribbean islands. It is a very interesting fruit compared to most fruits that we eat, (according to C it “has the texture of chicken”) but is REALLY good with a sweet and sour flavor!

NOM. Seriously. But at this point, we were getting hungry. And luckily, it was time for lunch!

Casual lunch spot views….

Casual caribbean lunch with St. Lucian beer…

And then casually hopping back on a boat for the last leg of the tour!

St. Lucia is breathtaking and so photogenic-but nothing compares to the views on a beach between the Pitons, which is where you will end your day on this tour!


We spent a few hours on the beach at Sugar Beach Resort, just relaxing by the water. Snorkel equipment and all the drinks you’d like are available ;).


This tour was the perfect way to spend the day in St. Lucia, and allowed us to see a lot of the island in a short 8 hours, with lots of fun stops in between! Out of all of the adventuring and ports we went to, this day was by far our absolute favorite!

This tour will take a lot out of you! It was the easiest decision ever back on the ship to skip fancy dinner after a day spent in the sun, on the water, and after a few beers between the Pitons….Johnny Rockets cheese fries and milkshakes really hit the spot! 😉


Happy traveling!

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